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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

(Sir Arthur C. Clarke)


With the best references in the market

SISnet insurance software

  • 1st SISnet implementation was in 2004
    1st implementation

  • 28 finished implementations successfully fulfilled
  • SISnet is already present in 5 countries
    Presence in 5 countries


Working with the best technology partners

SISnet software for insurance companies




The ABC of the deployment

of SISnet in an insurance company



Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just flows

SISnet Family is a multidisciplinary team of
more than sixty professionals from different areas.

More than TWENTY years of experience on the insurance sector


No news, bad news

SISnet News. Insurance core

Axpe Consulting and Netijam have signed a collaboration agreement for the implementation of the SISnet platform in Mexico and Spain

September 2017

Axpe Consulting has selected SISnet as its core insurer of reference in the insurance field. Regarding this, a training plan for 30 professionals in the different roles of the SISnet platform will be carried out in a first stage.

In addition, cross-sectional synergies between SISnet Platform and Axpe Consulting's BPO Business Unit will be promoted to develop 'Full BPO for Insurance' projects, supported by Netijam's SISnet platform.

Furthermore, and as part of the strategic plan that both firms have to expand their areas of activity in Latin America, the first franchise of the SISnet Platform will be developed in Mexico. This new partnership model will be a step forward in SISnet's collaboration strategy in Spain and other countries.

Below are some media reviews of the agreement:

Grupo Aseguranza (21/09/2017)

INESE (21/09/2017)

MDC underwriting agency. Deployment of SISnet Distribution in liability, accidents and automobiles

September 2017

MDC, Mutual de Conductors underwriting agency, has implemented three new lines of business in SISnet Distribution: liability, accidents for events and festivities, and the extension of damages for land vehicles, both individually and for fleets. The coverage of these new business lines is provided by the German company Hübener, a specialist in extraordinary risks.

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