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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

(Sir Arthur C. Clarke)


With the best references in the market

SISnet insurance software

  • 1st SISnet implementation was in 2004
    1st implementation

  • 28 finished implementations successfully fulfilled
  • SISnet is already present in 5 countries
    Presence in 5 countries


Working with the best technology partners

SISnet software for insurance companies




The ABC of the deployment

of SISnet in an insurance company



Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just flows

SISnet Family is a multidisciplinary team of
more than sixty professionals from different areas.

More than TWENTY years of experience on the insurance sector


No news, bad news

SISnet News. Insurance core

Article about SISnet in the blog of our partner atmira

September 2018

atmira defines SISnet360 as the Delorean for the Insurance core, as an answer to the demands of the digital revolution affecting the insurance sector. The article can be read in the following link:

Back to the future II: SISnet360, the Delorean for the Insurance core

New version of SISnet Insurance core v9.0.1. From Low code to Zero code

September 2018

As a result of our constant technological and functional evolution, we present the launch of the new SISnet Insurance v9.0.1 core. Its main features are:
- Adoption of Low code and Zero code models, allowing, in SISnet tools, the construction of business processes through configuration systems, using concepts and actions predefined in the system.
- Orientation to the concept: intersection between object and data, providing its presentation in the BPM Processes Workshop, Interface Logic Workshop and Rules Engine.
- Coinsurance management.
- Reinsurance advanced model.
- Renewed product workshop.
- Renewed 360º view of the claim.
- Activity object as process grouper.
- Production advanced model.
- Claim system for health business line.
- Invoice issuance model.
- Life-Savings business line.
- Polysemic security privileges.
- Business domains management.
- Social login.
- Solvency II new version (1.1).
- Support for IDD (Insurance Distribution Guideline) implementation.

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