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SISnet University

SISnet training campus for all profiles

Aimed at customers and partners to certify professionals in SISnet

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16/01/2023 - 10/03/2023: ZC Toolkit module 6th edition (Finished)

21/03/2023 - 14/04/2023: Interface logic module 4th edition (Finished)

24/04/2023 - 09/06/2023: Functional module 4th edition (Ongoing)

24/04/2023 - 09/06/2023: Architecture module 5th edition (Ongoing)

 SISnet Seminars

Title Length Objectives

SISnet Studio vs. SISnet Store as a promotional tool

9 hours

The aim of this course is to delve into SISnet Store as an environment promotion tool, as opposed to the capabilities of SISnet Studio, and to practice how it works, generating packages, installing and updating them.

Materials workshop and its applications

10 hours

This seminar aims to explore, in a practical way, the different applicable uses of the Materials Workshop as an "extension" element of the SISnet Product Workshop, with different examples of use.

Generation of correspondence with Zero Code

9 hours

The SISnet correspondence module can be enhanced by the use of Zero Code elements, which are explored in a practical way in this seminar.

Reports and briefings with User Queries and DinaInfo

8 hours

The elaboration of reports and briefings is a common element in any SISnet implementation. Thanks to this seminar, the concepts of reporting using specific tools for this purpose are reinforced in a practical way.

Virtual Policy Structure in detail

10 hours

The EPV is a fundamental element when working in the SISnet underwriting module. It is therefore important to deepen its concepts and its use, in a practical way, through this seminar.

Tariff in Zero Code practice

10 hours

This seminar deals with the design, construction and application of a tariff structure in Zero Code, starting from the theoretical contents already seen in the Toolkit Module to its real practice.

Simulation tools in SISnet

10 hours

SISnet's simulation tools are specific elements that are useful not only for tariffs, but also in other areas such as migrations, integrations, etc. This seminar explores their different uses and applications in a practical way for the student.

  Certification program

SISnet University training program for clients and partners revolves around the following axes:

  • Meet the needs of different profiles
  • Combining theoretical content with practice
  • With a modular and credit-based approach
  • In online format so that students can organize their study time.

With this training program, the aim is for a student to obtain a level of (personal) certification in accordance with his or her previous training and professional interests. There are five levels of certification:

  • SISnet Professional
  • SISnet Consultant
  • SISnet Architect
  • SISnet Front
  • SISnet Expert

SISnet University currently hosts 4 training modules, each with its corresponding credits:

Toolkit module

  • Goals: To obtain the basic knowledge necessary to learn how SISnet is configured through its different workshops, both from a theoretical and practical point of view.
  • Contents: Product Workshops, Miniworkshops, Rule engine, API management workshop, Questionnaires, Task diary, Process workshop and Pricing engine
  • Estimated duration: 50 hours
  • Certification obtained: SISnet Professional
  • Dependencies of other modules: none
  • Student requirements: Basic knowledge of insurance business. Basic use of Internet technologies (browsers, web applications, etc.)

Architecture module

  • Goals: Get to know and understand the software and system architecture of SISnet.
  • Contents: Layered architecture, Microservices, Systems architecture, Data model, Data access architecture, Interface logic and data flow architecture, Zero Code Architecture, Operational safety, SOA and EDA architecture, Batch process architecture and migration strategies, DevOps oriented to SISnet and SISnetStudio
  • Estimated duration: 45 hours
  • Certification obtained: SISnet Architect (Architecture module + Toolkit module)
  • Dependencies of other modules: Toolkit module
  • Student requirements: Java programming. Notions of event-driven and service-oriented architectures. Knowledge of relational databases.

Interface logic workshop module (TLI)

  • Goals: To deepen in the elements that compose the visual layer or appearance of SISnet and its Front design, and how to configure and manage the visual layer.
  • Contents: Interface logic workshop Introduction, Template creation, Interface logic workshop elements configuration (Layout, pages, panels and ELIs, headers and actions, etc., API management workshop,structures, operations and flows) and workshop elements modeling.
  • Estimated duration: 20 hours
  • Certification obtained: SISnet Front (TLI module + Toolkit module)
  • Dependencies of other modules: Toolkit module
  • Student requirements: Notions of usability and accessibility. Responsive design. Knowledge of Angular recommended.

Functional module

  • Goals: Complete overview of SISnet functionalities in terms of clients, policy management, administrative management and benefits, from a functional and more specific configuration point of view.
  • Contents: CRM Clients, Underwriting and policy management, Administration and Claims.
  • Estimated duration: 30 hours
  • Certification obtained: SISnet Consulant (Functional module + Toolkit module)
  • Dependencies of other modules: Toolkit module
  • Student requirements: Notions on the insurance business

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