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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"

(Sir Arthur C. Clarke)


With the best references in the market

SISnet insurance software

  • 1st SISnet implementation was in 2004
    1st implementation

  • 28 finished implementations successfully fulfilled
  • SISnet is already present in 5 countries
    Presence in 5 countries


Working with the best technology partners

SISnet software for insurance companies




The ABC of the deployment

of SISnet in an insurance company



Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just flows

SISnet Family is a multidisciplinary team of
more than sixty professionals from different areas.

More than TWENTY years of experience on the insurance sector


No news, bad news

SISnet News. Insurance core

Integration of SISnet into PROSEGUR AVOS group

December 2019

SISnet becomes part of the Prosegur AVOS group of companies (belonging to the Prosegur Group) which is specifically dedicated to technology and outsourced services for financial and insurance sectors. Prosegur Group is a multinational, a global leader in its business sectors, with its main office in Spain and presence in 26 countries; it is listed on Madrid and Barcelona stock exchanges, with a market capitalization of around 2,200 million euros.

After this agreement, SISnet will continue to be led by its current management team, maintaining full continuity in its corporate and management structure. The services that have been provided until now will continue to be carried out with the same structure and the same interlocutors. This integration does not imply any alteration concerning any of the conditions under which SISnet has been providing its services.

The core of SISnet Insurance has just published version 10

December 2019

The main new features include:

Tebchological updates. Dependencies and compatibilities Compatibility with Spark and Scala.
Removal of the dependencies with the jdbc drivers of the different database engines.
Update of JAVA dependency from 7 to 8 version.

ZERO-CODE. New concepts. Generation of new increased and extra premium concepts at policy quotation level. Additionally, a new concept for the cost of the claim.

External systems integrations. New in SISnet is the capability of adding new managers and operators from external systems.

Commissions in SISnet. Commissions earned. Now the commissions earned details are shown in the policy, as is the chance to check, in greater detail, these commissions in the invoice.

New garnishment functionality. Garnishment in mediators. Added the functionality of garnishments in mediators and the message of seized mediator in the effective account.

Claims. Payments in claims. Completed with new requirements the action of retrocession of claims payments when those are in paid status and have been issued.

News in SISnet connectivity. Multiple database connections. Added the possibility to parameterize multiple connections to external databases.

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