SISnet methodology

The ABC of the deployment

of SISnet in an insurance company

Phase A
A. Insurance core implementation

Objective: to model and implement the Insurance core, according to company needs, including past, present and future ones.

The way to implementation

  • Modelling SISnet Base for the business line
    • Requirements gathering
    • Initial customization
    • SISnet Base deployment
  • Gap analysis
  • Production system implementation
    • Product workshop modelling
    • Business rules
    • Calculation engines
    • Document flows
    • Policy documentation
    • Insurance processes
    • Operational safety modelling
    • Batch processes customization
  • Acceptance testing
  • Performance testing
  • Deployment

Phase B
B. Migration and transformation of data and processes

Objective: to obtain all the information from SISnet current systems, enabling the transformation of the company and its processes.

The way to migration

  • Identification of elements to migrate (policies, invoices, clients, brokers, commercial network, claims, reinsurance, collectives, etc.)
  • Design of migration interfaces
  • Migration implementation
    • Extraction processes (client responsibility)
    • Definition of migration flows
    • Migration flow modelling
    • Migration cluster modelling: load distribution in migration processes
    • Transformation and load process, according to migration flow
    • Execution of migration cycles
  • Data quality verifications

Phase C
C. Integrations to close the whole life cycle

Objective: make the insurance life cycle possible by collaborating with other systems and subsystems.

The way to integrations

  • Application map development
  • Integration inventory
  • For each integration:
    • Integration main card
    • Technical design
    • Integration flow modelling
    • Integration implementation
    • Development of an integration "dummy"
    • Unit testing
    • Operational testing
    • Performance testing

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