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What is SISnetClub?

  • It is a communication tool to keep clients informed about SISnet evolution and news
  • It is an open space for experience exchange between client and software developer
  • It is an innovation probe about technological elements applied to SISnet
  • It is an exclusive service for clients, included in maintenance contract

Why a club?

  • To get to know the companies concerns, their needs
  • To foster bidirectional communication between client and developer
  • To align shared objectives
  • To boost synergies and increase business capacities in SISnet environment

Who is it addressed to?

  • Directors and area managers in development, technology, operations and innovation

How does it work?

  • SISnet Insurance news
    • SISnet team will describe the improvements in the new SISnet version or the new functionalities included in the current SISnet version.
    • The topic areas of the briefing will be:
      • Functional evolution
      • Business areas evolution
      • Architecture
      • Tools
  • SISnet Insurance Roadmap
    • Exposition of the expected evolution for the product.
  • Guest conference
    • In each edition, there will be a presentation regarding a special topic related with insurance world, that will have a practical application for SISnet environment.
  • SISnet Forum
    It is an area opened to users participation, which makes us move forward together, with the aim of increasing the capacities of the product
    • Discussion on the roadmap
      • Stablish priorities
      • New inputs
    • Discussion about SISnet Environment
      • Improvements to be approached
      • Which should be kept
      • SISnet experiences

Functional updates

  • Renovated Security management
  • Hybrid BPM
  • Product workshop
  • Document management
  • Email
  • Management queries
  • Renovated 360º Client View
  • Sales network
  • Actuarial workshop
  • Policies module
  • Invoices module
  • Management of commissions
  • Claims management


  • SISnetMemory
  • Integration with Redis cache
  • Separated interface architecture
  • Adaptation to Azure
  • Multi thread architecture
  • Batch processing distributed architecture
  • Level 2 Cache evolution
  • Adaptation of single command pattern to REST services
  • Implementation of WS-Security standard in web services
  • Parametrized construction of prepared statements in the data access layer
  • Renovated integration capacities for Single SignOn
  • Integration with Azure Active Directory

SISnet V8

Tools (SISnetStudio)

  • ALM Tools
  • SISnet artifact editor
  • Simplified language management
  • SISnet artifact debug tool
  • SISnet artifact simulator
  • BPM processes workshop
  • Batch processes workshop
  • Connectivity commands workshop
  • Interface logic workshop
  • Modelling workshop for product workshop implementation


  • Life-savings
  • Health insurance
  • Liability
  • Other insurance lines

SISnet roadmap


  • Expansion of capacities in reinsurance
  • Coinsurance
  • Expansion of capacities in linked claims
  • Automatic fraud detection
  • Expansion of capacities in third parties module
  • Security management: new methods for privilege assignment to the user
  • Product workshop governance processes
  • PayPal
  • Business processes
  • Improvement of the mailing system with rich text letters
  • Mobile processes agenda


  • New integrations with PaaS services in Azure
  • Continuous adaptation to Azure evolution
  • Integration with more G Suite apps
  • Integration with Salesforce and Dynamics
  • Fault tolerance at service level
  • Expansion of automated monitoring capabilities


  • Augmented reality
  • Blockchain
  • Cyber coins


  • SISnetStudio
  • SISnetSonar
  • SISnetTicketing
  • SISnetSonda


  • Specialization of the training offer, more courses for new profiles
  • eLearning
  • Specialized seminars
  • Practical training in our integrators expert centres


  • Increase of capacities in health benefits area
  • Services invoiced with VAT
  • Incorporating pension plans

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